Tenancy law

The letting of offices, business premises and dwellings and the lease of business sites or materials is very much part of our society. It is important for the parties involved to properly lay down the agreements. In case of the rental of equipment and the letting of offices or business premises, the legal provisions are in general directory law. This means that the parties can make agreements about matters such as the tenancy period, the rent, rent adjustments, maintenance obligations, options for premature termination, etc. Standard models of tenancy or lease agreements are often used in the industry, but quite often it remains to be seen whether these fully cover the parties’ interests. Severijn Hulshof advocaten can assist you with advice and prepare tailor-made tenancy or lease agreements.  

In addition, it can be necessary to quickly seek expert advice as soon as one of the parties does not comply with the agreements made.  Whether this concerns rent arrears, unauthorised sub-letting, non-compliance with exploitation obligations or the cultivation of cannabis, in all these cases prompt action is called for and possible. Tenants can also encounter problems with landlords, because the leased or rented property has defects or because they wish to terminate the lease or tenancy early or wish to arrange substitution. They can call us in as well.  

Our lawyers have a broad knowledge and experience in the field of tenancy law. This knowledge is used to assist both landlords and tenants of (commercial) property. We advise and litigate for the entire range of tenancy aspects in the field of retail  space, office space and housing. 

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