Procurement law

The rules in the field of public contracts are constantly changing. Governmental organisations that wish to have projects carried out or deliver goods or services on the market are subject to many rules. These rules are often rooted in European legislation. The rules have many manifestations in Dutch law, from legislation to (semi) binding regulations, and are often an impenetrable jungle both for commissioning parties and interested parties.

Meanwhile many governmental bodies and interested parties have learned how to deal with these rules. However, clients are often still in need of answers to many questions. Is one obliged to invite a tender and, if so, under which rules should this tender be effected?  For instance, should the strengthening of a dam or dyke be tendered when urgent action is required? If a party is interested in being given a public contract, is it allowed to call in others for any experience, knowledge and/or turnover that is missing?  When is it allowed to negotiate with a tenderer, and about what exactly? And how should one deal with a complex contract which does not only include work but also goods and services? 

Severijn Hulshof has a broad knowledge and experience in the field of tenders. This knowledge and experience is used to advise and assist tenderers and tendering bodies in concrete tenders. Not only during the preliminary stage, but also in any possible legal proceedings about any issues in connection with a tender.   

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