Construction law can be rather complex. Our lawyers mainly assist contractors and employers to find solutions and opportunities. We mainly assist contractors, but equally provide assistance to installers, architects, engineers, municipalities, water boards and consumers alike.

We have extensive experience from small to large projects. We contributed to many important projects, such as large station building projects, the office building ‘Maastoren’ (Rotterdam), the subway line ‘Noord-Zuidlijn’ (Amsterdam), Dutch coastal preservation projects, a storage space for hazardous waste, as well as a new office building for an international organisation.

But it does not end there, we also have extensive experience in for example the redevelopment of public areas, the construction of local and provincial infrastructure (such as roads, roundabouts, and maintenance contracts).

For all projects we are involved in – from small to large and in all sectors of construction – we look at what fits best for our client. What is the best solution in this specific case?