Severijn Hulshof stands for prompt and adequate 'hands-on' advice and guidance. We are a boutique firm specializing in ​​construction and procurement law. We know our market and our market knows us. This is the result of our great commitment to our clients and their business. In GWW and Infrastructure we are the absolute specialist, but also in other building areas, such as integrated contracts or procurement, you can count on us.

Every step in the building process plays a role. From the tender to the conclusion of the contract, and from the implementation and guarantees, to completion of the project. With all these steps, we have been building contractors, consultants, clients and other involved parties every year. We are looking for the best solution for our clients. If necessary, this is done through a legal procedure. But often there are more and superior possibilities.

What do we do?

  • Procurement Guidance
  • Offering disputes
  • Construction contracts according to UAV, UAV-GC, RAW, STABU, DBFM, DNR, CNR, NEC3 and FIDIC
  • Implementation guidance (attorney in law) and advice
  • Delivery and delivery disputes
  • Settlement disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Advisory agreements and disputes
  • Leases and disputes
  • Construction and Real estate related Insurance Law (CAR, general third party liability..)
  • And much more…