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Construction law • Tender law

Joost comes from a long line of builders and has a great love for cranes and excavators. Well before his career as a (construction) lawyer, he worked in the development of a medium-sized contractor and learnt the fine details of the building process. In his work, Joost is characterized by a true contractor mentality: he would rather explore opportunities and solutions, instead of problems and risks. Construction and procurement law fits him like a glove. Joost is a true specialist in ‘GWW’ work and more specifically in RAW scopes. Yearly approximately 150 specifications from the aquaculture, road construction and green sector pass his office by. Here he advises and processes in a wide variety of issues.

Joost performs for many SME companies and is a lawyer to many contractors. He is a speaker in wide demand, giving lectures and in-house courses approximately 20 times a year. As a permanent advisor to many industry organizations, he processes vast amounts of procurement questions. In doing so, he always focuses on the customer’s interests and looks for the best solutions for the customer. Due to his strong involvement in the industry and industry organizations, he knows the market like no other. As a lawyer, he has a wide scope of knowledge, partly because of his former work as a bankruptcy curator. All of this makes him a valuable and pleasant sparring partner with added value, even when looking beyond the legal aspects of a business.

A quick answer, short and practical advice in understandable language, good accessibility and a critical view are key in his way of working, all aimed at helping a customer or improving the speed of a project.

Through columns in, among others, “Bouwbelang (Aannemersfederatie)” and “Cobouw”, articles in newsletters from industry organizations, blogs in newsletters of CROW, and articles and notes in scientific journals, Joost gladly shares his knowledge.

  • Construction Law
  • Tendering Law
  • RAW
  • UAV
  • UAV-GC
  • Procurementlaw
  • Guide “Proportionaliteit”
  • ARW
  • Damages from delays
  • meer-/minderwerk claims
  • Damages from contruction, building defects
  • “Vereniging voor Bouwrecht”
  • “Vereniging voor Bouwrecht Advocaten”
  • “Nederlandse Vereniging voor Aanbestedingsrecht”