Liability law & Insurance law

Liability issues are found in all fields of law in which we are active. Damage still occurs often, in spite of all preventive measures taken during the building process. In the long building chain, the question then arises who is liable for the damage. Liability issues can arise in tenders as well, just as discussions may crop up between tenants and landlords about who is liable for defects in the leased or rented property. Our lawyers deal with issues like these on a regular basis. Although to a certain extent liability law arises from the other fields of law in which our office is active, it is currently becoming an increasingly more important field in its own right, especially since our society is becoming more and more juridified. Our lawyers can also assist you in these matters. 

The parties involved in the building industry can often invoke insurance policies taken out by them. For example, a Construction All Risks (CAR) insurance, which includes (almost) all parties involved in the building project. Advisers involved in the building project, such as architects and structural engineers, can often invoke professional liability insurance policies. If parties not involved in the building project have suffered damage, for instance damage to adjacent structures and damage to cables, it will as a rule be covered by a corporate liability insurance. 

Severijn Hulshof advocaten has much experience in the fields of:

• Corporate liability insurance (AVB);

• Construction All Risks (CAR);

• the professional liability of building advisers;

• policy cover.

Our clients are:

• insurers;

• insurance brokers;

• companies;

• advisory bureaus, such as architects

• design bureaus.

Our fields of expertise